SOE 2015

Splendor of the East 2015
Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, Dearborn, MI
Friday MAY 15, 2015
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Where Dreams Begin

An Exotic Voyage where the East meets the West capturing diversity through fashion, wedding ceremonies, cultural courtship, traditions and cross-cultural influences and much more. . .

This extraordinary collaboration from countries like China, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan and other Non-Asian Pacific countries will entice your senses as you journey into the world of Love. You can experience the transformation of the different cultural arrangements on stage through music and dance. Where Dreams Begin is a grandeur of cultural depictions based on traditional and contemporary composition of artistry.

There are approximately five cultural group cast with 75 performers includes dancers and singers. The production will continue to audition soloist/groups (throughout the month of February) from countries like: India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mid-Eastern, Hmong, Japan and non-Asian are most welcome

For more details about Splendor of the East Production, please contact: Toni Martinez, SOE Production Manager at