Individual Membership

We welcome and invite individuals to apply for CAPA membership. When the application and membership dues are received, the applicant is presented to the Board for final approval. You can contact Membership Chair: Gongju Zoe Baek or Trisha Nguyen, at, if you have any questions regarding membership application.

Click here to complete online Individual Membership Application form

Lifetime membership benefits include:

  1. Opportunity to learn and promote greater cultural awareness and understanding of Asian American culture.
  2. Networking with activists and leaders of various Asian American communities.
  3. Promoting your unique cultural heritage with all Americans.
  4. Mentoring.
  5. CAPA website posting of your events.
  6. Discount tickets to many community events.
  7. Opportunity to be an ambassador for your community.

CAPA Membership Application

CAPA is a networking organization that works to unify all Asian Pacific American communities in the Metro-Detroit area. There are two types of membership: individual membership and organizational membership. Any person can join CAPA as an individual by paying a lifetime membership dues of $25.

Organizations are also welcome to join CAPA. Non-profit organizations can either pay an annual fee of $50, or $100 for a lifetime membership. For-profit organizations can pay an annual fee of $100, or $500 for a lifetime membership.

Membership Qualification: All organizations and individuals who agree with CAPA’s mission:

1. To celebrate the heritage of Asian Pacific Americans and their contributions to the American society;

2. To encourage all Asian Pacific American communities to promote greater cultural awareness and understanding through education and community service;

3. To disseminate information concerning services, programs, and opportunities to other Asian Pacific Americans;

4. To provide all Americans with socially and intellectually enriching experiences; and

5. To promote the welfare of Asian Pacific Americans.

Application Process: Once the Individual Membership Application form and the dues are received by the Membership Chair, the applicant is presented for final approval to the CAPA Board that meets monthly.

How to Pay:
Either mail your $25 check payable to CAPA to 34841 Mound Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310.

Or pay online via PayPal


Organizational Application Form