CAPA By-Laws

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Council of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA)
Amendments to the Bylaws
Effective February 8, 2022

In accord with Article XIV of CAPA’s By-laws, new Article XV, Annual Budget is hereby added to prohibit any of its Officers from expending monies from the Corporate treasury without a prior affirmative vote of a quorum of CAPA’s Board of Directors. In this regard, the new Article shall read, as follows:

Annual Budget
Section 1. Consistent with the principle that the CAPA’s financial health is managed by its Board of Directors, CAPA’s President and/or the Exec. Director, Chairperson of each standing committee shall present their annual budget in January’s Board Meeting.

Section 2. Before any monies, in excess of the budget amount, committed for spending by the President, Executive Director, or any Officer, a quorum of the Board of Directors shall assess and approve the proposed expenditure. Such anticipated expenditure shall be submitted by the standing committee chairperson for approval at least 14 days before it is due.

Section 3. The consequences that would occur when a board member or officer violates the provision of this bylaw, or any other of the within bylaws, will be subject to penalty sanctions up to and including directing that the member step down from their current CAPA position.

(a) Penalty Sanctions – shall be determined by an Ad Hoc “Bylaws Violation Committee” which comprises of 3 board member and 2 past Presidents to address violations of Bylaws by auditing violations, creating procedures, penalties and voting on the penalty applies to the violation.

Amendment to Article XI, Section 9
(A) All financial transactions should be documented by the treasurer and reported to the board at the monthly meetings. Past presidents also have the authority to see this information. Annual statements should be presented at the joint AB/Board annual meeting. The treasurer needs the authorization of the president before a check is made. All board members are required to submit their payment requests on the CAPA Payment Request form.

(B) Passwords and logins of all CAPA financial accounts should be shared by at least 2 or 3 CAPA executive board members (Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer if there is one or VP, Executive Director and President)

Amendment to Article 11, Section 6.
(A) A Paid Executive Director can be appointed only if sponsorship funds/grants have been secured by the president and Fundraising Committee for making such an appointment.

ADOPTED AND APPROVED by the Board of Directors on this 8 day of February 2022.