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After students enter high school, all their hard work is to prepare for university: maintaining a high GPA, scoring high on standardized tests, such as SAT, and participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities. In fact, when colleges and universities recruit students, in addition to expecting students to meet the above criteria, they also want to see that students are willing to invest their time and minds in volunteer activities.

CAPA is committed to nurturing the next generation of organizational and leadership skills. It’s an important part of personal development when students contribute themselves to others and society. Studies show that when students are involved in volunteer activities, from a young age, that will instill a strong catalyst for growth, allowing them to develop into an independent and responsible people, and increasing their cognition and pride in traditional culture.

CAPA’s largest SOE event of the year will enable students to participate in group and community activities as part of a team. This will enable them to understand the efforts and work required for an event, preparing them for when they organize campus activities in the future.

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Saturday May 11, 2019
Ford Community & Performing Arts Center – 15801 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48126

Volunteer category and time:

1. Registration & Greeting: 5pm – 7pm (at least 12 years old)
2. Performance Back Stage: 4pm – 10 pm (at least 15 years old)
3. General: 5pm- 9pm (at least 12 years old)

Plus 2-3 hours of one-time training before the event. Actual time will be adjusted according to the situation

All CAPA volunteer will receive volunteer certifications certified by CAPA. Out performers will also be recognized on CAPA website and social media platforms. Each volunteer will receive CAPA T-shirt and a show ticket.

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