SOE 2014

SOE 2014 – Part III – Crossroads “Time Travel” – the journey continues as we guise into the future to discover yet to reminisce the past…

MAY 17, 2014


The significance of the last sequel is the final ending – to discover that through music and dance we share familiar cultural characteristics – Love and Beliefs, Respect for nature and Honor for country.

It is a journey from the past (Tribute to Mother Earth), to the present (Cultural Influences) and our future now as Americans to promote cultural diversity through art.

This year’s production will be a collaborative creation based on the talents of the main choreographers from prior SOE. As the Production Manager & Art Director, I am so proud of the team that they are able to inspire and respect each other professionalism – that alone is a talent! (Toni Martinez)

There are approximately five cultural group cast with 75 performers includes dancers and singers. The production will continue to audition soloist/groups (throughout the month of February) from countries like: India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mid-Eastern, Hmong, Japan and non-Asian are most welcome

For more details about Splendor of the East Production, please contact: Toni Martinez, CAPA Cultural Advisor at