SOE 2013 – Survey Results

Survey results based on the following questions posted to the SOE-2013 choreographers, production staff, committee, technicians and board members:

1) What do you like about SOE?
2) What do you dislike about SOE?
3) What changes would you like, the reason and concept?
4) Share comments about the SOE 2014 Theme – Time Travel
5) Are you interested in the production as a future lead choreographer? If so, include background, experience and Art Direction experience.
6) Overall rate your satisfaction experience based on number of years participation in SOE production.

1) Like(s): Cultural diversity especially the routines presented this year (2013). Staying true to the cultural dances and learning about the different history of the different countries (very information and educational). The collaborated efforts and understanding each culture, the committee (production) and performers are dedicated and hardworking. Participating in the production was very meaningful and everyone involve came together as one team. The food was delicious. The whole event was done professionally (including VIP and reception).

2) Dislike(s): Less group participation, less audience, less sponsorship, less promotion (Media). Some of the groups and board did not grasp the theme. The show was short and dislike the practices. Not enough young adult participation – mostly older performers. One board member did not like the narration portion, prefer the backdrop format e.g. previous SOE 2012. One board did not like inviting an out of state performer. Three board member prefer to change SOE format to be more focus on education.

3) Change(s) format/production: More advertisement, add more variety e.g. martial arts. Better communication to the rest of the cultural group performers vs. choreographers. Provide positive environment to boost morale for the performers by supporting their efforts. More engagement from CAPA in promoting other groups to join in the production. The majority stated NO Change – they felt it was an awesome and smooth format – it was the best show including the technicians involved (includes the videographer). He was inspired because of the quality of the show.

4) Comment(s) about 2014 Theme: Keep up the momentum, share more details of the theme and add folklore, love stories i.e. reunion/lost. The majority stated: Keep concept/idea and collaborate with the rest of choreographers to meet standards.

5) Interest as lead choreographer: Couple choreographers would like to work with the lead choreographer as a collaborated effort. Not much interest in taking the Art Direction position. Mostly preferred to help out backstage and volunteer in a capacity as needed basis.

6) Overall rating/experience(s): Many stated 10 as the “best one”, 3 years participation 1 (rate: 7), 1 (rate: 8), 5 years participation (best experience), first time participation (excellent experience). As choreographer and dancer: it was hard work/sweat and labor but it was all worth the effort and was a positive learning experience most especially expanding my cultural awareness of my own culture. The result of the 2013 show was timeless. Cultural Influences was Excellent production.