SOE 2015 – Survey Results

Splendor of the East (SOE) 2015 survey was positive with higher satisfactions on many aspects. There was a ninety-two percent satisfaction with the show and eighty-four percent of the respondents were satisfied with the SOE 2015, eighty seven percent satisfactions with the location. Satisfaction with the ticketing process and price paid were a little lower. Eighty percent of the respondents had attended the event before and sixty seven percent would recommend the event to a friend or a colleague. All of them said that they would attend the event again, in the future.

What did the respondents like?

  • Most of the respondents commented that they appreciate the multi-cultural show because it enhances their knowledge of diversity and gives them an appreciation of the various cultures
  • They liked the event because their family is involved in it
  • They like that the show is different each year

Where are the opportunities to do better?

  • Improve the VIP and general ticketing system and name badges
  • The finale number did not live up to our guest’s expectations – they expected a grander finale number
  • Make the event flyer more informative
  • Add more cultural and awareness events
  • Increase collaboration with other Asian-American organizations and invite more diverse groups to participate
  • Increase awareness and advertising
  • Schedule the event on a Saturday or a Sunday, if possible


“Good people, good food, good show and all at a good price. Why wouldn’t I go? It also has a strong community vibe, which is lacking in our society.”