SOE Production Manager

CAPA is looking to hire an experienced Production Manager for its annual Splendor of the East (SOE) event for May 2016. The requirements include the individuals ability to understand diversity. And also to translate dances from various different regions of Asia into a captivating story for the audience.

The individual should be able to work with diverse nationalities and have an understanding of their unique culture and working styles.

The Production Manager would be provided with the theme for the next year. They will also be provided with the cast members from different countries from across Asia.

The selection of the right person will be based on the experience, creative capability of the manager and also the ease of telling the story around the theme given to them.

The individual applying for the position must be willing to audition for the part. This is a paid position with major time commitment spread across a minimum of six months.

Kindly contact: Rachna Kumar, Cultural Program Chair.